• First Location: 25 Cherrycrest Drive, Unit5,
    Brampton, ON L6P3W4.
  • Second Location: 1620 Albion Rd, Unit 3B,
    Etobicoke, ON M9V 4B4.
Dr. M. Sathiyabalan

Personal Details

  • Doctor NameDr. M. Sathiyabalan
  • Primary SpecialityGeneral Dentist
  • Experience35+ Years

Education & Training

  • Practice AreasGeneral Dentist + Orthodontics


Dr. Sathiyabalan is 35 years experienced General Dentist. He is practicing in Toronto for over 20 years. He has taken numerous orthodontic courses and has been treating orthodontic patients for over 20 years.

He attempts to stay abreast of all the newer techniques in orthodontics in an effort to provide the best possible treatment to his patients.